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Venue The Gazette World Tour 13 di Munich, Jerman Telah Dirubah


Konser World Tour the Gazette 2013 akan diadakan September mendattang. Tiket yang di jual di Jerman telah sold out.  Terdapat informasi perubahan venue untuk negara Jerman. Berikut informasi lebih lanjut:

the GazettE WORLD TOUR13
・Sep. 6th. 2013 Mexico City, Mexico @Jose Cuervo Salon〈SOLD OUT!!〉
・Sep. 8th 2013 Santiago, Chile @Teatro Caupolican
・Sep. 11th 2013 Buenos Aires, Argentina @Teatro Vorterix
・Sep. 14th 2013Sao Paulo, Brazil @Espaco Victory
・Sep. 20th 2013 Paris, France / Le Trianon〈SOLD OUT!!〉
・Sep. 22nd 2013 Toulouse, France / Le Phare
・Sep. 25th 2013 Dortmund, Germany / FZW〈SOLD OUT!!〉
・Sep. 27th 2013 Munich, Germany / Tonhalle
・Sep 29th 2013 Helsinki, Finland / The Circus〈SOLD OUT!!〉
* the dates and venue might change without reminds



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